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A Cinderella Story

Sootypaws toils all day 

for her mean and nasty steprats.

But Sootypaws is kind and

and generous.  

With help from her friends

and a little moon magic,

she'll find a way

to live mousily ever after.

Henry Holt & Company
Henry Holt & Company

"The visual appeal of the book is accompanied by text

that is full of gentle humor. A surprising twist on the traditional ending sends a message that love, friendship, and freedom are what you need to be happy, and sometimes shoes are just too restrictive".


-School Library Journal


The classic tale retold, with lush illustrations and a surprise ending!

17 PG 24,25-REDOballroom  copy.jpg
PG 17-petal storm copy.jpg

A story about love, friendship and shoes.

"(We) recommend this refreshing adaptation to fans of fairy tales

  and those who appreciate picture hunts and visual artistry"



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“Best New Children’s Books, 2017“  

                                -Wall Street Journal

"There’s always room for another take on a classic, especially when done so well” 

-starred review, Kirkus Reviews

City Mouse, Country Mouse

Will and Tansy are best friends. 

But Will loves the city life and Tansy is a country mouse through and through.  Can they find a way

to live mousily ever after?

C&C cover-card front.jpg

Henry Holt and Company

25 REDO light copy.jpg

“Notice also the exquisite expressions on the faces of the mice in each scene. Rudy has captured looks of wonder, eagerness, mournful sadness, and intense conversation. These mice are creatures we can care about because we recognize their feelings.”

–New York Journal of Books

purple evening.jpg
Strawberry frame light.jpg

A story about love, compromise

and strawberries.

favorite bug-rudy-katydid .jpg

What's your Favorite Bug?

Everybody has a favorite bug. Some like shiny, colorful beetles or busy ants or soft pale moths best. Others prefer spindly walking sticks or fuzzy caterpillars that turn into bright butterflies. With beautiful illustrations and charming personal stories, 15 children's book artists share their favorite bugs and why they love them.

"A lively collection of illustrations of crawling, creeping, and flying creatures offers a look at the versatility of several well-known children’s artists."--Kirkus Reviews

"Eye-catching larger-than-life illustrations and interesting information that might spark further investigation into the insect world make this an excellent choice for all libraries." —School Library Journal on What's Your Favorite Bug?

what's your favorite bug.jpg

"A terrific prompt and conversation starter for young artists." —Kirkus Reviews

I Wish I Had A Pet.


-PW, starred review

pets cover.jpg

Beach Lane Books

“Do you wish sometimes that you had a pet? ... Well, a cast of cute mice is here to give you some advice. First things first—what makes this book stand apart from the pack are Rudy’s squeal-inducing photographs of the quirky dioramas she has created …It’s whole gobs of fun watching the mice react with shocked, studious, or satisfied expressions, which will likely be mirrored by readers. "-Booklist

I Wish I Had A Pet (interior)-1.jpg

“Where you find children, there you will find pet owners—or at least children who aspire to have creatures all their own, which they double-triple swear they will take care of, promise! In "I Wish I Had a Pet" , Maggie Rudy moves this familiar yearning from the human world to a hilarious series of photographed tableaux featuring felt-and-fabric mice so cunningly devised that they almost look real.”- The Wall Street Journal

flying, web.jpeg

“…snuggle up to I Wish I Had a Pet and revel in the world that Rudy has created…Each spread is a marvel of a little mouse world where young children will want to explore all the details. " -BookPage

The House That Mouse Built

Mouse and Musetta are the sweetest pair of rodents you’ll ever lay eyes on. This is the story of how they met and came to live in a fabulously turned-out loaf of bread. Each lovingly crafted scene is packed with incredible details—from the salt shaker end table to the walnut shell cabinets (with hinges!) to the postage stamp art. Really, how could Musetta resist popping in for a nibble of the cheese that lay on the table, that stood in the house…that Mouse built?

Text by Pam Abrams
Photographs by Bruce Wolf
THTMB cover.jpg
Downtown Bookworks

Musetta washes her baby

in an eyecup bathtub!

trio THTMB.jpg

A mouse love story,

with the happiest ending.


The perfect gift for expectant parents

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